Thursday, 9 October 2008


I finally got the motivation to go back to Aquamum's; this is aquaerobics for pregnant women - all bobbing about in the water doing low impact exercise to stay as fit as we can (and it is hard to stay fit when you have another being growing inside you).

I was really dreading it sitting on the tram to Melbourne Baths at dusk, but once I was there it was fun and I felt so much better after evening was made even better when I got home and had a lovely dinner waiting for me xxx

note: if you are wondering what the pink sausage is, it is a piece of foam we use in our exercises...not actually a sausage.


Naomi said...

Yay aquarobics! Me and my friend Hanna used to go all the time. We were the only ones not pregnant or really really old. But we loved it.

tunabake said...

Yeah it is odd bobbing around with other pregnant women but good exercise. So what sort of exercise are you doing now? Still swimming?

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