Wednesday, 19 November 2008

What was I thinking?

I saw a really nice dress that was on sale in a shop yesterday...$25!!! So I thought if I tried on a size that was a couple of sizes bigger than my pre-pregnancy size it might just fit and then after the baby is born I could take in the sides.
After removing my clothes I saw the true reality of my new figure in all 4 mirrors that surrounded me YIKES! I still decided to try the dress on - I looked ridiculous.
I will never enter another dressing room until after the birth.


Naomi said...

Oh Claire! You look quite defeated in this picture. Isn't this the time for you to take advantage and buy all the big and breezy (ie comfortable) clothes you ever wanted?

tunabake said...

Hi Naomi,
I like having a waist, I didn't realise until recently - a nice blouse tucked into a skirt and a nice pair of shoes...I'm living in about 4 outfits and will do so for the next 7 weeks, I want a whole new wardrobe when I get my figure back :)

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