Saturday, 31 January 2009

It's hot!

It is so hot in Melbourne, this week we have had 3 days over 43 degrees. It is hard trying to keep a new born baby cool in this heat but she seems to be doing well, if not better than me. Last night South Melbourne lost power due to a power surge, this is a huge area, and people were stuck in lifts, on trains, trams and evacuated from many buildings due to health and safety, luckily we are on the North side so we still had power and the use of a fan to keep us cool.

I haven't had time to do anything creative in the past 2 weeks, I am looking foward to some free time while she sleeps to do some drawing or printing but at the moment I try to sleep when Amelie sleeps.

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TNorman said...

Поздравляю ! )

Красотища ! )))))))

Ребёнок просто супер !

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