Tuesday, 12 May 2009

My first Mothers Day

I had a wonderful Mothers Day.
Amelie got me a lovely card which she personalised by an attempt at a hand print but looked a little like a green smudge - still, the sentiment was there, and a great craft book called Meet Me at Mikes which is full of interesting projects. We then went to a friends house for a seafood bbq. Thank you Ed for a special day and Mum, happy Mothers Day.

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Noah Rodenbeek said...

hahaha, I love your blog! Your lithos are amazing too, I hope you keep at that! It reminds me of something I saw at boingboing.net not too long ago...

My name is Noah and I run a site called drawnbymouse.com, which I just got around to Googling and then I discovered your blog. Which I love. Sorry for stealing the name, it was entirely accidental or incidental or coincidental, whichever verbage is right.

Congratulations on the baby, too. Is she your first? If you get the motivation and think making a litho-animation sounds like fun let me know. I could give you some tutorials on creating a cartoon. It might sound har but everything's easy after you've hand-carve a few hundred linoleum blocks for the sake of a few seconds worth of animation!

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