Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Making things

This morning I could feel the heat of the day getting hotter and after getting sun burnt on the back of my neck yesterday, I thought I needed a light cotton scarf to put around my neck just to make sure the sun that might get through my hat wouldn't get through a second layer (a little too obsessive but precautious). So I remembered I had some material left over from my friends blanket and decided to use some bleach on it to make a rustic pattern - spots and stripes (my favourite patterns) I think it turned out pretty well, I went out today with it on and it didn't make me hot - hoorah for bleach and left over fabric.

I have also just finished our Christmas cards...40!!! This is a section of the image I printed from a lino cut I did on the weekend. Do you send cards in the first week of December? Or is that too early?

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Nina said...

Love them!! Not too early at all :-)Ninax

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