Wednesday, 10 September 2008

It's not all blue skies

Like any day of the week there are ups and downs and when you're pregnant that can be more prevalent, although I haven't experienced too much of the down side. Yesterday I felt like I wasn't myself anymore, my life has changed a lot since we found out I was pregnant; I was ill every morning, I was made redudant, I decided to live off of my redundancy until the birth and my body is getting bigger (just the belly) and so I don't even wear the same clothes I used to.

Yesterday the sun was hidden behind heavy clouds most of the day and there was a chilly wind to keep me confined to our flat, so I stayed in and amused myself by working on a graphic novel I am working on with a friend - this helped, but I didn't realize how much I would miss my old body.

Saying all of that, we had an nice evening and went to see a great film called 'In Bruges' (keep an eye on Ed's blog for a review) who would have thought Colin Farrell could be so entertaining?!!

Today the sun is out, I'm meeting a friend for lunch and it is supposed to be 18 degrees so I'm in a pretty good mood.

* Today I am wearing a new cardigan I bought (seems to be my new obsession - so versitile with my changing shape) and customised it by adding some nice, bright, apple buttons.

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