Monday, 9 November 2009


How do I set up this scenario?......OK, I was at the gym yesterday morning, walking very fast up hill on the treadmill when this man walks into the gym and I think, OK this guy is just having a look around to see what it's like (not much to see as it is only a small YMCA gym in Carlton), when I see him step up onto a treadmill WEARING THONGS!!! (flip flops for those in the UK that are reading) I was so bemused and confused I just couldn't believe it? He then must have thought to himself 'this is just silly, I can't run on a treadmill in thongs!' so he took them off and decided to run on the treadmill with no shoes on!!!

I live in a city for crying out loud, a cosmopolitan city where people are supposed to be cultured and have a certain degree of class, am I a snob for thinking this and wondering where this Neanderthal emerged from?

Well after 10 minutes finally a member of staff told him health and safety regulations meant that he wasn't allowed to run on the treadmill with no shoes on. He then proceeded to the weights where he was stopped again and then finally left.

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Naomi said...

Hi Claire,

There is a sign up in our gym that says "no work boots or beanies to be worn in the gym". But I was never under the impression that we live in a civilised cosmopolitan city. Bunbury doesn't have such a high bogan quotient as Townsville, but it's definitely there.

Glad you are back into blogging again! Lovely to see your new pics.


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