Saturday, 2 January 2010


2009 was the year of Amelie Mei-Lin Murphy, yes this year Amelie was born and has been the centre of our life. What a little rascal she is turning into; a head-strong little girl with a mind of her own - I wonder what sort of person she will grow up to be?

In between looking after Amelie I have tried to do more of my drawings, printing and sewing. The launch of Tango 9 with 2 of my comics included was my highlight. I am still working on a graphic novel with my friend but I also want to begin work on my own comic about my past year as a new mother, I have never seen anything published on this topic and well, I'm going to give it a go...

2010: there is a lot to look forward to...and a holiday in London as well! I can't wait to see everyone.

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