Friday, 8 January 2010

Another hot spell

Today is going to be another hot day of 34, the weekend is pretty much the same then Monday is going to be 41 degrees!!!!! It seems that the majority of my posts recently have been about the heat or various images of me with a hat, scarf or some other item of coverage to protect my skin from the sun. At least we have an air conditioner in our house and if need be I can put it on for a little while to cool the house down (not for too long though as it costs too much).

Sunday we are having an early 1st birthday party for Amelie (her birthday is on 14th), some friends are coming around and I am going to make a ladybird cake. I'll post a photo of the cake when it is finished, fingers crossed it looks decent. Not that Amelie will care but she can look back at the photos when she is older.

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Sally said...

We use our air-conditioner sparingly too... better for the environment as well as the purse.
Good luck with the ladybird cake - make sure you take the time to really enjoy the day.

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